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From prior lab positions:


H Liao, C Barra, X Peng, I Woodhouse, A Tailor, R Parker, A Carré, R Mallone, P Borrow, MJ Hogan, W Paes, LC Eisenlohr, M Nielsen, and N Ternette. “MARS: Improved De Novo Peptide Candidate Selection for Non-Canonical Antigen Target Discovery in Cancer.” Nature Communications (2023) 15, 661 (2024) PMID: 38253617


MJ Hogan, N Maheshwari, BE Begg, A Nicastri, EJ Hedgepeth, H Muramatsu, N Pardi, MA Miller, SP Reilly, L Brossay, KW Lynch, N Ternette, and LC Eisenlohr. “Cryptic MHC-E epitope from influenza elicits a potent cytolytic T cell response.” Nature Immunology. 24, 1933–1946 (2023) PMID: 37828378

  • Discovery of prominent non-classical MHC-E-restricted T cell response in flu infection


MJ Hogan and N Pardi. “mRNA vaccines in the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.” Annual Reviews of Medicine. 73:35.1-35.23 (2022) PMID: 34669432.

  • Detailed review of mRNA vaccines against COVID-19 and future directions of mRNA vaccine research.


R Verbeke, MJ Hogan, K Loré, N Pardi. “Innate immune mechanisms of mRNA vaccines.” Immunity. 55, 11:1993–2005. (2022) PMC9641982


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K Lederer, D Castaño, D Gómez Atria, TH Oguin III, S Wang, TB Manzoni, H Muramatsu, MJ Hogan, F Amanat, P Cherubin, KA Lundgreen, YK Tam, SHY Fan, LC Eisenlohr, I Maillard, D Weissman, P Bates, F Krammer, GD Sempowski, N Pardi, M Locci. “SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines foster potent antigen-specific germinal center responses associated with neutralizing antibody generation.” Immunity. 15;53(6):1281-1295.e5. (2020) PMID: 33296685.


D Laczkó, MJ Hogan, SA Toulmin, P Hicks, K Lederer, BT Gaudette, D Castaño, F Amanat, H Muramatsu, TH Oguin III, A Ojha, L Zhang, Z Mu, R Parks, TB Manzoni, B Roper, S Strohmeier, I Tombácz, L Arwood, R Nachbagauer, K Karikó, J Greenhouse, L Pessaint, M Porto, T Putman-Taylor, A Strasbaugh, T-A Campbell, PJC Lin, YK Tam, GD Sempowski, M Farzan, H Choe, KO Saunders, BF Haynes, H Andersen, LC Eisenlohr, D Weissman, F Krammer, P Bates, D Allman, M Locci, N Pardi. "A Single Immunization with Nucleoside-Modified mRNA Vaccines Elicits Strong Cellular and Humoral Immune Responses against SARS-CoV-2 in Mice." Immunity. 53, 1-9. (2020) PMC7392193.


N Pardi, MJ Hogan, D Weissman. “Recent advances in mRNA vaccine technology.” Current Opinion in Immunology. 65, 14-20. (2020) PMID: 32244193.


CA Bresk, T Hofer, S Wilmschen, M Krismer, A Beierfuß, G Effantin, W Weissenhorn, MJ Hogan, APO Jordan, RS Gelman, DC Montefiori, H-X Liao, JE Schmitz, BF Haynes, D von Laer, J Kimpel. “Induction of Tier 1 HIV Neutralizing Antibodies by Envelope Trimers Incorporated into a Replication Competent Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Vector.” Viruses. 11, 2: pii: E159. (2019) PMC6409518.


N Pardi, MJ Hogan, FW Porter, D Weissman. “mRNA vaccines—a new era in vaccinology.” Nat. Rev. Drug Discovery. 17, 4: 261-279 (2018). PMC5906799.

  • This comprehensive review served as a critical resource explaining mRNA vaccines to scientific and lay audiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and was referenced widely by journal articles (>3,000 citations) and the popular press (>600 citations).


N Pardi, MJ Hogan, MS Naradikian, K Parkhouse, DW Cain, L Jones, MA Moody, HP Verkerke, A Myles, E Willis, CC LaBranche, DC Montefiori, JL Lobby, KO Saunders, H-X Liao, BT Korber, LL Sutherland, RM Scearce, PT Hraber, I Tombácz, H Muramatsu, H Ni, DA Balikov, C Li, BL Mui, YK Tam, F Krammer, K Karikó, P Polacino, LC Eisenlohr, TD Madden, MJ Hope, MG Lewis, KK Lee, S-L Hu, SE Hensley, MP Cancro, BF Haynes, D Weissman. “Nucleoside-modified mRNA vaccines induce potent T follicular helper and germinal center B cell responses.” J. Exp. Med. 215, 6:1571-1588 (2018). PMC5987916.

  • Earliest article to show that mRNA-LNPs have intrinsic adjuvant activity that promotes strong germinal center and antibody responses.


*MJ Hogan, *A Conde (*co-first authors), APO Jordan, L Yang, B Cleveland, W Guo, J Romano, H Ni, N Pardi, CC LaBranche, DC Montefiori, S-L Hu, JA Hoxie, D Weissman. “Increased surface expression of HIV-1 envelope is associated with improved antibody response in vaccinia prime/protein boost immunization.” Virology. 514: 106-117 (2018). PMC5770335.


*N Pardi, *MJ Hogan (*co-first authors), RS Pelc, H Muramatsi, H Andersen, CR Demaso, KA Dowd, LL Sutherland, RM Scearce, R Parks, W Wagner, A Granados, J Greenhouse, M Walker, E Willis, J-S Yu, CE McGee, GD Sempowski, BL Mui, YK Tam, Y-J Huang, D Vanlandingham, VM Holmes, H Balachandran, S Sahu, M Lifton, S Higgs, SE Hensley, TD Madden, MJ Hope, K Karikó, S Santra, BS Graham, MG Lewis, TC Pierson, BF Haynes, D Weissman. “Zika virus protection by a single low-dose nucleoside-modified mRNA vaccination.” Nature. 543, 7644: 248-251 (2017). PMC5344708.

  • First demonstration of immunogenicity and protective efficacy for the mRNA vaccine platform using nucleoside modification and lipid nanoparticle delivery used by the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.


DF Boyd, D Peterson, BS Haggarty, APO Jordan, MJ Hogan, L Goo, JA Hoxie, J Overbaugh. “Mutations in HIV-1 envelope that enhance entry with the macaque CD4 receptor alter antibody recognition by disrupting quaternary interactions within the trimer.” Journal of Virology. 89, 2: 894-907 (2015). PMC4300673.

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